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Performance analysis
for cyclists by cyclists

Easy to use tools for analysing and improving your performance. Join us in early access and get 1 year for free!

Ride analysis

See an overview of each ride including your route, distance, altitude, heart rate, and power.


Always know where you are with the dashboard - a snapshot view of your current stats

Scatter analysis

See how your cadence relates to your power, your power to your heart rate, and more.

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Peak performances

Learn if your training plan is working by analysing your peak performance at key durations and the change in them over time.

Training log

Track all your activity using the training log and get a week by week summary, or you can view as a simple sortable list.

Bubble view

You can also view your activity using a bubble view - get a quick snapshot of how your rides compare against each other (training stess, distance, etc.).

Compare rides

Compare multiple rides against each other to see how your performance is changing and effected by the route.

Key metrics

Record, track and analyse key metrics such as your weight and use them to understand other data - for example you can always see your power expressed as watts per kg and some analysis views allow you to layer over metrics so you can look for trends.

Activity list

Easily find specific activities with a fully sortable activity list - looking for your fastest rides? You'll find them here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're still building the system and adding features but you can start using it now and we'd really appreciate your feedback. If you sign up and use the system while we're in early access we'll give you a 1 year subscription for free when we switch to being a paid service.

Yes! We're committed to a privacy first approach which makes it hard to generate revenue through advertising and sponsorships and we feel that a subscription model is a more straightforward and honest model. We expect to charge around $10 per month for a single cyclist and may offer discounts for club and team purchases.

But we won't move to a paid model until we feel the service is worth it or has too many users for it to be economical to run as a free offering. When that happens existing members will get a 1 year free subscription.

There are a range of tools out there but none of them really hit the sweetspot for me. I wanted something easy to use with an emphasis on data privacy having become concerned about some of the VC backed big players. Over time we'd like to include other sports too - many cyclists don't just cycle and there's already basic support for other cardio activities.

These things are on the roadmap and are a priority - we want them too!

Right now there's good support for cycling and some support for walking, running, and swimming but we also have strength training tools under development but with recent world events and the shutdown of gyms in many countries we reprioritised cardio activities. The good news is that about 50% of the systems for training with gym equipment are complete and so we'll be back on this soon!

The application and this marketing site is hosted in Microsoft Azure and all your data is stored there, we're currently hosted within their US and UK data centers. You can read more about how seriously Microsoft take security and privacy in their Trust Center. The community forums are hosted at Discourse Hosting.

If you mean allowing you to share activities with friends - maybe but strictly on an authorized by you basis so that you stay in control. If you mean sharing with social networks - no. In our view that might be great for VC style growth - but its not good for privacy.

Yes. We do plan on allowing you to assign a coach who can then set your training schedule and provide feedback. Watch this space!

For sure yes. We understand that if you coach or race in a team you want a big picture view of all your athletes.

Possibly. A lot of my work is released as OSS but I've learned that each OSS release comes with personal costs as well as community benefits.

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