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James Randall

· 6 min read

Over the last few years I've become increasingly frustrated with the cycling data, analysis and training space. I wanted something that didn't make me feel like I had to work to understand my performance and that felt modern but nothing really clicked for me.

When I returned from a Christmas cycling trip to the cold and dark UK I decided to do something about it - my background is in building web applications and so I dusted off my laptop and set to work and over the last few months started to build out some of the functionality I thought was important. While the system isn't finished I'm a big believer in getting things out to people as soon as you can and its finally ready for others to use too.

So what are the goals of this service? What can you expect if you sign up?

  1. Ease of use
  2. A wide range of functionality analysis tools, already you can:
    Upload routes
    View the basic details of your rides
    View peak performances (power, speed, heart rate and ascent)
    Manage your zones (power and heart)
    See how long you spend in zones
    Compare ride properties against each other (for example how does your power track with your cadence
    View your progress over time (rolling improvements)
    Compare your performance on rides against each other
    Get a monthly view of your activity on a training long
    View all your activities in a fully sortable list (helps to find similar rides)
    View all your activities in a fully sortable list (helps to find similar rides)
    Get a snapshot of where you are today on your dashboard
    Track your weight
  3. Respect for your data and privacy
  4. Ongoing development - there's lots left to do

You can get a view of the system in the screenshots below:

The website is launching free to use under a model often referred to as "early access" - you can expect to see features added rapidly but might experience the occasional bug. Its also a great chance to shape the direction of the product and when you sign up you get access to a Discourse forum where you can leave feedback and discuss the website.

At some point I'll need to switch the website to a paid model - there are no adverts, your data is not sold on, and the only analytics are self-contained within the site. I feel paid models are more honest and straightforward transactions than those that seek to make money from your data. However as an early access user you'll get a 1 year subscription absolutely free and active from the date pricing takes effect.

There's lots more planned for cyclists, coaches, clubs and teams and if you'd like to be kept up to date please subscribe to our newsletter below.

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