Feature Update

James Randall

· 6 min read

After launching the site last week I was fortunate enough that a good number of people signed up for the site and were kind enough to provide some early feedback. Resulting from that I've made a few bug fixes:

  1. The site now functions correctly without power measurements - there were issues in three places that are now resolved
  2. Routes imported from devices were missing their tail in a specific scenario
  3. The delete activity button now functions correctly and shows a confirmation dialog
  4. In some scenarios the weekly distance summary on the dashboard would incorrectly show 0 for the last week
  5. Fixed an issue with overlapping text on the power zone table on smaller displays
  6. Speed was showing in m/s rather than km/s on the ride comparison analysis

In addition a bunch of new functionality has landed which I hope you'll find useful:

  1. Added support for the upload of TCX files (please let me know if you experience any issues)
  2. A "metrics" link has been added to the navigation bar to let you add, edit and view the hisory of a set of metrics including:
    Calorie intake
    Resting heart rate
    Target weight
    Target calorie intake
  3. A new report has been added to the analysis area to let you view these over time in graphical form
  4. Colours on the dashboard graphs have been softened hopefully making it easier on the eye
  5. The welcome screen now gives the option of signing up to the newsletter (defaults to opt out)

This is the first of many feature updates and there's lots more planned for cyclists, coaches, clubs and teams and if you'd like to be kept up to date please subscribe to our newsletter below.

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