Feature Update #2

James Randall

· 6 min read

A few bug fixes:

  1. Rolling analysis templates now create correct date ranges
  2. The "add workout" link at the bottom of the training log now opens the upload ride modal

In addition a bunch of new functionality has landed which I hope you'll find useful:

  1. Where its appropriate to do so you can now see your power expressed as watts/kg. This does not simply divide the power you are looking at by the weight - rather it uses your weight at the correct point in time to calculate the correct value. You can see this in the following areas:
    Activity summary
    Peak performance analysis
    Peak history analysis
    Compare rides
  2. There have been some performance improvements across the website and particularly for analysis reports

As ever I hope this is a useful set of updates. Looking ahead we've got training load, intensity and a bubble graph based training log on the way.

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