Feature Update #3

James Randall

· 6 min read

A few bug fixes:

  1. The history view on peak performance analysis was showing a strange graph when their was no peak history (i.e. multiple date ranges yielded a single, same, peak performance) and now shows a message that their is no history to show.

In addition a bunch of new functionality has landed which I hope you'll find useful:

  1. We have a new logo - hope you like it! What happened to the heartbeat? Well it was a stock icon from the FontAwesome icon pack... not really appropriate for website branding.
  2. You can now view key metrics alongside performance peak history - do you put out more power when you're eating more calories for example? When you're heavier?
  3. The default view for the training log is now a bubble graph that allows you to choose what factor is used to determine the size of the bubbles
  4. The sortable list of all activities is now available via its own navigation bar item
  5. Added recovery to the set of activity categories

As ever I hope this is a useful set of updates. Training load and intensity analysis should start to land in the coming week.

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