Feature Update #4

James Randall

· 6 min read

In the last week training stess, fitness and fatigue tracking has landed on the site along with a few other improvements:

  1. Training stress and ride intensity are now shown on the weekly training logs and activity summary pages.
  2. A fitness analysis graph has been added showing changes to fitness, fatigue and training balance over time.
  3. Fitness analysis is now shown on the dashboard if you are training with a power meter and have set your FTP.
  4. Significant performance improvement to how performance peaks are calculated - this happens in the background but should lead to peak performances being available more quickly after a ride is uploaded.
  5. Dashboard visualisations now have a button that take you through to more detail.
  6. Minor tweaks to analysis visuals.

We've also got a bug fix this week:

  1. The previous / next buttons on the activity viewer were inconsistently updating parts of the user interface, now work correctly

I've commenced work on an interval programme planner. This is a significant piece of work to let you design interval training programmes and download them to your device and is likely to take longer than one week to complete. As far as I can I will roll this out in stages to gather feedback.

When complete you will be able to create a library of training programmes, arrange them into targetted training blocks, and schedule them either individually or as a block on your calendar and download to your device.

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